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Desafio Adventure Company Inaugurates Hunters & Gatherers

We are excited to announce the opening of Desafio’s new restaurant HUNTERS & GATHERERS located alongside La Fortuna river next to the famous swimming hole El Salto de La Fortuna (1.5 kilometers from the center of La Fortuna, on the way to Chachagua.)

The concept of Hunters & Gatherers is to give a culinary experience like no other in Costa Rica where you can eat fresh, natural, and healthy food suitable for your blood type.

Owners Suresh Krishnan and Christine Larson created the concept to ensure that customers who participate in Desafio Adventure Company’s tours such as Canyoning in the Lost Canyon, Rafting on the Rio Balsa, and Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping finish up with delicious and healthy food at the end of their activities somewhere that represents the spirit of Pura Vidain Costa Rica.

Several scientific studies say it is better to follow a diet based on your blood type. We want to give our clients the opportunity to eat well according to what feels right for their digestive system,said Krishnan, considered the Adventure Pioneer of the Northern Zone near the Arenal Volcano.

According to studies, the oldest blood is Type O and people with blood type “O” feel healthier when following a diet based on more complex proteins, such as meat and chicken, and should eat few grains and food that contains wheat flour.

People with Type A tend to feel better consuming vegetables and fruits, and are more likely to automatically follow a more-vegetarian diet.

People Type B tend to be fans of seafood and it is the only type of blood that tolerates dairy products.

And AB blood is the newest blood and people of that blood type benefit from a diet mixing protein and fruits and vegetables.

Our intention has been to provide a space where each person can feel wrapped in nature and identify which food makes them feel better,said Larson, who became vegetarian more than 30 years ago and removed all types of meat from her diet. As a result, she lost a lot of weight and began to feel much healthier.

I did not know that eating according to my blood type was going to have such an incredible effect on my body and my life,Larson said. To find out more about this, check out how to Eat Right for your Blood Type at Hunters & Gatherers today.

Krishnan fell in love with El Salto when he arrived in La Fortuna in 1992 and always dreamed of developing something beautiful that could complement the area while respecting the environment and its natural beauty. This dream is now being realized after more than two years of construction spearheaded by Carla Vargas, manager of Desafio Adventure Company.

Vargas managed the development of the El Salto project to create restaurant that is a vision of future sustainability. For the facilities she contracted a specialized water treatment plant and implemented gray water irrigation system to preserve natural resources. All the while, she took care of employees and oversaw every detail of staffing and development to ensure sustainable human resource practices as well.

We could not have achieved this project without Carlas leadership,the owners of Desafio commented.

Hunters & Gatherers restaurant has a varied menu based on the vegetables and fruit that are in season and only use local suppliers such as Wrapsodia Farms for their cheese, milk, sweet potatoes, yucca, among other products.

Currently, Hunters & Gatherers is serving their uniquely healthy and delicious buffet style lunch open to tour guests of Desafio as well as the general public. We offer affordable prices, lush views, and convenient river access in a place visitors can enjoy with the whole family.

Some dishes that will always be present are rice and black beans, and a meat dish, plus a great variety of salads and vegetables. In addition, kitchen executive Elizeth is experimenting with a traditional cajeta, and we can’t wait for her to get her recipe just right.

When I ask customers, almost everyone answered that their favorite dish has been the sweet potato puree,Larson said.

We hope everyone feels more energy and joy as they leave our restaurant,Elizeth said.

Hunters & Gatherers

Feed your body and soul at La Fortunas most-plentiful eating experience!

Welcome to our tribe.